Keeping schools safe in severe weather

Keeping schools safe in severe weather

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This is the time of year when severe weather is most likely in Region 8 and schools in the area are ready if it hits.

Jonesboro High School is one of those schools and they have a severe weather action plan.

Principal Leighanne Rainey said with plenty of interior hallways and interior rooms away from windows, the school has room to put students in a safe spot in case a tornado warning is released.

Rainey said they even have a plan for if a severe weather event hits when school is about to let out, which had to be put into action last year.

"It hit at about 2:40 p.m. and we had car riders lined up in the front and we had buses lined up in the back," Rainey said. "We hold the bells, we hold students.  If we know that the sirens are going off we actually went out into the parking lot and pulled parents out of cars and brought everybody into the school at that time."

Rainey said they plan ahead for severe weather events and stay weather aware so they know when there is a threat.

During severe weather they have radios so they can communicate throughout the school with their employees and keep in contact with the administration, in case things become dangerous.

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