Jonesboro residents against proposed condominiums

Jonesboro residents against proposed condominiums

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Some Jonesboro residents aren't happy with plans to build condominiums in their neighborhood.

The owner of the 7.26 acre property located on Colony Drive wants to get it rezoned from a single family residential property to a multi-family residential property.

According to the rezoning request, the property owner plans to build up to 40 2 and 3 bedroom units as well as a gym and office for the property manager.

Several residents in the neighborhood said they were opposed to the property being built while others said they did not have an opinion.

Doug Ward, a resident against the construction of the condos, said he doesn't believe his neighborhood is the right place for an apartment complex or condos.

"We fought this same issue in 2011," Ward said. "The fellow that bought the property had bought it in approximately 2010 and it was zoned for single family then when he bought it. We simply expect he would build it for the reasons it was zoned that way when he bought it."

Ward said he and other homeowners in the area have fought several proposals like this one since 2008.

Documents from the Jonesboro Metropolitan Area Planning Commission state the initial rezoning request for this property was denied in 2011.

It was also heard by the City Council in 2011 and was denied by an 8-3 vote.

Ward said he plans to attend Tuesday's MAPC meeting and he encourages his neighbors to attend as well.

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