Newly-elected Region 8 mayor sues city council members

Newly-elected Region 8 mayor sues city council members

PARKIN, AR (KAIT) - The newly-elected mayor of a small Cross County town sued his city council Monday night.

Parkin Mayor Willie Patterson said the injunction he filed is in response to the council hiring and firing multiple city employees since the beginning of the year.

"They throw everything at me but a hand grenade and I've been taking this for 90 days and I'm not taking it anymore," Parkin Mayor Willie Patterson told Region 8 News.

The Cross County town has a population of just 1,105 and many fear the problems between the mayor and city council are driving their small town into the ground.

After the start of the meeting, Mayor Patterson warned council members that if they attempted to hire or fire any more employees, they'd be in violation of the injunction they'd just been served.

"I will give you the time to go over whatever you need to go over," Mayor Patterson said. "We can adjourn and go outside, y'all can stay here and read over it before we get into this... that's just words of caution."

Just minutes after the meeting started, however, Councilwoman Faye Futch threw caution to the wind.

"I move that we hire Andre Valley as city attorney," Futch said.

That motion never came to vote.

When another council member moved to second Futch's motion, a man in the audience, who Region 8 News was unable to identify, spoke up.

"I'm not your attorney but there is a restraining order in those papers you received today that you may wish to read. There's a restraining order in there you may wish to read before you take any further action," he said.

With that, only five minutes into the meeting, council members unanimously decided to adjourn.

Region 8 News attempted to speak with Councilwoman Faye Futch afterwards. She initially agreed, saying "At this point, I sure will."

However, as we got our cameras ready, Futch walked away without any explanation.

"Okay, I'm not going to do it," Futch said as she walked off.

Mayor Patterson said he believes the council members are out to get him.

"They don't want me to succeed or they just don't like me or don't like my family, don't like my lifestyle," Patterson said.

After the meeting, one man did tell us that he plans on filing a lawsuit too, but he's filing it against Mayor Patterson for unlawful termination.

Later, while our cameras were inside interviewing Mayor Patterson, an altercation allegedly occurred outside between members of the council and members of the community.

As for the papers served to council members Monday night, Mayor Patterson said that will go before a court Thursday morning in Forrest City.

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