Mentoring group hopes to improve relations between teens and police

Mentoring group hopes to improve relations between teens and police

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Plans are announced for the Jonesboro Police Department to become mentors for an at-risk group of males within the community.

A.A.M.E.N. stands for At-Risk American Male Educational Network. The group operates locally for young men in grades 4 through 12.

City alderman and executive director of A.A.M.E.N., Rennell Woods, has been working to establish a program that would allow police officers to mentor young men of color and at-risk of youth.

"Our community is growing so fast," Woods said. "We have to find different ways, ideas and interventions to engage our youth to get their attention. I think this is one way, to engage kids who have never been on the golf course."

A press conference today announced plans to set the program in motion.

Jonesboro Police officers will begin the partnerships with a golf outing on Saturday, May 2 at Sage Meadows.

Chief Rick Elliott and Lt. Todd Nelson spoke about the opportunity to mentor.

Plans call for officers to get to know the young men over the game of golf. Officers will teach putting and chipping.

The golf outings are expected to continue through the summer, culminating with a tournament in the fall.

"Building communication with police and authorities is important for these young men," said Woods. "I think this is a good first step."

To find out more about A.A.M.E.N., call (870) 919-5659.

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