Police: Man arrested in social media iPhone sale gone bad

Police: Man arrested in social media iPhone sale gone bad

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A man was arrested early Wednesday after police say he robbed another man he was supposedly making an iPhone deal with.

Maleke Dority, 19, was arrested after a warrant was issued, according to Captain Scott Adams with the Blytheville Police Department.

Dority is accused of robbing another man he met to sell an iPhone, according to Blytheville police. It happened April 10 on the 700-block of Clark Street.

According to the incident report, the victim saw a listing on a Facebook yard sale group for the sale of an iPhone 6.

The victim agreed to meet the seller, who police said he identified as Dority from Facebook, to purchase the phone for $350.

The police report stated when the victim and Dority met, he approached the victim with a black case and told him the phone was in the case.

Before handing him the case, police said Dority asked the victim to identify himself.

As the victim identified himself and opened the black case, Dority reportedly pulled a gun and pointed it at the victim's head, demanding money and his personal phone, police said.

The police report states the victim complied with the demands and drove off after the suspect told him to.

Dority was arrested at his residence on East Rose Street in Blytheville. He is expected to be arraigned in district court on Thursday.

Blytheville police offered some advice when purchasing items online and meeting buyers and sellers.

Adams said meet a seller in public places such as a library or police station.

"Go to places where there are cameras," Adams said.

He also advises buyers to consider how much an item is being advertised for.

"People will go out there and try to find the best deals on things they want to buy," Adams said. "On these types of sites, there's no type of regulation. Some of the items could be stolen items."

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