MAPC denies Colony Road rezoning request again

MAPC denies Colony Road rezoning request again
Crowd opposed to rezoning
Crowd opposed to rezoning
Ward shows signatures from 2011
Ward shows signatures from 2011

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For the second time in four years, a rezoning request on Colony Drive was denied by the Jonesboro Metropolitan Area Planning Commission.

A large, vocal crowd showed up Tuesday night to oppose Duyen Tran's proposal for ten 4-unit apartments on Colony Drive.

Those in attendance voiced their concerns ranging from everything from crime and property value to flooding, traffic and how it would affect the Nettleton school district.

The concerns were very similar to concerns voiced four years ago at the initial rezoning request for the property.

"I still have the original 171 signatures that was opposed in 2011," Doug Ward told the MAPC.

Ward has lived on Colony Drive since the early 90's. He said the reasons MAPC denied the request in 2011 are still there.

"Proximity to the railroad tracks, flooding issues and they said housing did not fit the current area," Ward explained.

Don Parker, Tran's attorney, said construction plans would remedy flooding with a detention pond on the property.

Even so, commissioners still had reservations about the rezoning.

"If we approve this request to rezone that, you just get ready because there's gonna be some more areas in that place that want to do the same thing," Jerry Reece said.

"The development, even though it's very good, is not consistent with those other neighborhoods," Brant Perkins said.

In the end, only two commissioners voted in favor of the request, meaning the rezoning was denied again. Jim Scurlock and Ron Kelton voted for the rezoning.

The decision brought cheers and appreciation from the audience.

Parker said Tran will have the opportunity to appeal the MAPC's decision to the city council, however he has not yet made a decision whether or not he plans to.

Kim Schrantz was absent from the meeting.

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