Hickory Ridge residents worried about town's future

Hickory Ridge residents worried about town's future

HICKORY RIDGE, AR - The plans of the mayor and city council have the people of Hickory Ridge worried about the fate of their town.

Mayor Billy Joe Proctor and the city council discussed terminating Fire Chief David Jones but have not taken any actions yet. Proctor said their reasoning for the discussion is based on Jones not presenting reports to the council when asked.

The people of Hickory Ridge think differently. They said this was a personal attack on the fire chief because he ran against the mayor in the recent election. A few of the residents explained that these reports were never required from the 2 previous chiefs.

Jennifer Martin, a member of the newly formed Hickory Ridge Community Coalition, said the whole town is worried about what this could mean for their city. She said the entire fire department already stated they would leave if the fire chief were terminated.

"As a resident here, we're very concerned that if the fire chief is terminated and everyone on the volunteer fire department follows him and leaves, then we are left without emergency services," Martin said.

If the fire department were to quit, the closest volunteer fire department would be in Fair Oaks, which is 10 miles from Hickory Ridge.

A meeting was scheduled for April 14 but was rescheduled to April 21 at 7 p.m.

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