Family reacts to officer-involved shooting

Family reacts to officer-involved shooting

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Family of the victim in the officer-involved shooting believes the entire situation got out of hand.

Christopher Grant Finley died Tuesday night after an incident involving a Jonesboro police officer.

Gene Baker, Finley's uncle, said he wished the family could have gotten a call before shots were fired.

"We could have all gotten this taken care of, without him losing his life," Baker said.

Baker said Jonesboro police had dealt with Finley before and understood Finley had mental issues.

"I feel like they knew he had some issues we were trying to get him help for," Baker said. "I do feel like this could have waited until the morning."

Baker said while he doesn't know much about what happened, he believes Finley was scared of police and their response to the scene on Tuesday night.

"He was a big gentle giant," Baker said. "He didn't have his cell phone so he felt like he was probably being ganged up against."

Laura Pugh lives across the street from Finley and said she had called police on Finley before for playing his music too loud.

Pugh said when asked by an officer if she ever wanted Finley out of the neighborhood, she said no.

"No, I don't," Pugh said. "I want him saved. That's what I wanted for that boy was to be saved."

Pugh said while Finley had issues, she wants people to know he wasn't all bad.

"Not ignoring what happened, not ignoring his lifestyle," Pugh said. "But show the other side of him too because I think they both matter."

Baker said he hopes to learn more about the investigation, but believes his nephew didn't have to die.

"We shouldn't have to be afraid for our children or our relatives in the city of Jonesboro by our local police department," Baker said. "That we are going to get a call in the morning like this that could have easily been avoided."

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