Caraway community excited about new senior center

Caraway community excited about new senior center

CARAWAY, AR (KAIT) - The mayor and people of Caraway are happy to see a new community hub in town.

The new senior center acts as a place for older members of the community to meet and exercise during the weekdays.

The center also helps those unable to get out of their homes. Employees run food to those who may not be able to get it themselves.

When the weekend arrives, anyone in the town of Caraway can rent out the space for an event.

Mayor Barry Riley said this space benefits everyone in town and isn't only for seniors.

"It's a huge benefit for our people," Riley said. "Especially for big families that don't want to utilize their house for a family outing, they've got this place to come and enjoy the day. It's a nice huge facility that you can be comfortable and mingle with everybody."

The site manager for the facility said people have already begun to rent out the space for special events.

Some of the major holidays like Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July weekends are already booked.

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