Hazards increase for boaters as lake waters rise

Hazards increase for boaters as lake waters rise

GREENE COUNTY,AR (KAIT) - The weather is warming around Region 8 and with that more boaters are hitting the waterways.

This year, though, boaters are entering the water with extra hazards as water has risen, causing more logs and stumps to be submerged beneath the surface.

This has caused some Region 8 boaters to pay extra attention when they are out on the water.

Spencer Moore is a boater from Jonesboro that was out on Lake Frierson Thursday and said Frierson is one lake in particular to pay close attention to.

"Look for stumps, underwater logs, and just kind of go slow," Moore said.

With more rain in the forecast it could lead to more swelling of the lakes and rivers in the area, so be careful on the waterways.

For more information on how to stay safe on the water you can go to the Arkansas Game and Fish website, here.

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