Musical helps children in foster care

Musical helps children in foster care

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Pajama Game at Jonesboro High School premiered Thursday night, but it was more than just a musical.

Students also collected donations for children in foster care in Arkansas.

When people from the community walked into the school, they dropped of pajamas.

It's something that a parent, who came up with the idea, told the performers is not often thought about when people make donations.

"Sometimes they can get other clothes but those are often overlooked as donations," Performer Chris Melton said.

Sarah Pitts also performed alongside Melton and agreed with him.

"It's just seeing that someone can be affected by a pair of pajamas is really awesome," Pitts said.

Krisie Holmes is the music director for The Pajama Game and said the drive works perfectly with the musical.

She also said she is glad the cast and crew were on board with it.

"So many times when they are taken they only have the clothes on their back and we want to help in some way, even if it's just a pair of pajamas," Holmes said.

The Pajama Game will have another performance on Friday and Saturday.

The cast and crew worked hard in the past weeks and were really excited for Thursday's performance and the donations.

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