Animal rescuers find 30 dogs hoarded in Black Rock home

Animal rescuers find 30 dogs hoarded in Black Rock home
Source: Angie Heringer
Source: Angie Heringer
Source: Angie Heringer

BLACK ROCK, AR (KAIT) - An animal rescue organization and law enforcement are investigating an animal hoarding case.

Arkansas Angels for Animals responded to a hoarding concern in Black Rock.

Angie Heringer, director of Arkansas Angels for Animals, said her heart goes out to hoarders because she knows it is out of love for animals.

But hoarding can be dangerous for the animals and the family.

Heringer said she found nearly 30 dogs in 1 home in Black Rock.

She said law enforcement is also involved because the hoarding is endangering the children's health.

She is working to help the family place the dogs in safe homes.

"That helpless feeling, so again we try to help you help them," Heringer said. "If we can't take it, we try to network. Take pictures. I come out. Maybe we know someone in your area and try to connect you with a group or rescue in your area."

Heringer said they already took 1 of the dogs from the home because it was very sick.

They are working to devise a plan to place the rest of the dogs.

In late February, Heringer and Arkansas Angels for Animals rescued dogs from a puppy mill outside of Jonesboro.

She said they have filed 31 charges of animal cruelty and will be in court May 19.

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