Jonesboro leaders want citizen input for economic growth plan

Jonesboro leaders want citizen input for economic growth plan

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - City leaders want citizen input to help shape the future of economic growth in Jonesboro.

The Jonesboro Economic Development Corporation kicks off a six-month planning process in April.

The city has hired a consulting company to conduct a survey that will help identify opportunities for growth and develop a plan for the city's economy, schools and quality of life.

The Jonesboro Economic Development Corporation believes this public input is a vital component for a successful project.

They are encouraging members of the community to participate.

After the research phase, a strategy will be drafted for improving the area's business climate, infrastructure, talent pool and marketing activities.

It will also include a system for implementing the plan and monitoring progress.

Avalanche Consulting, based in Austin, Texas, will facilitate the planning process.

"We must assure that Jonesboro citizens continue to have access to improved economic opportunities and good jobs," President of the Jonesboro Economic Development Corporation Joe Williams said. "Planning is essential to accomplish that objective. This process will provide a roadmap to our future success." According to a news release, this team has provided strategic planning services to more than 200 communities.

You can participate in the survey by visiting the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce website.

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