Jackson County amnesty program to end soon

Jackson County amnesty program to end soon

JACKSON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Jackson County Amnesty Program is underway and almost over.

The program gives anyone with warrant or fine the opportunity to turn themselves in without going to jail.

Sheriff David Lucas said this program is not anything new.

The department holds it every year to try to help the people of Jackson County.

Lucas said the department takes care of its backlog while those with warrants take care of themselves.

The program may not be new, but it does help the department keep the problem of jail overcrowding from getting worse.

"We don't have room for them, we don't really have the manpower to go out there and hunt them up cause when you hunt them up you still have to do something with them," Lucas said. "But what this does, it just gives the people the opportunity to take care of it themselves with an incentive of not going to jail."

Lucas said if you qualify for the program, you can inform dispatch at the sheriff's department that you are turning yourself in on the amnesty program.

The last day of the program is April 30.

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