Dogs and cats experience allergies too

Dogs and cats experience allergies too

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Allergy season is in full swing and your pets may be experiencing the discomfort as well.

Dr. Kevin Reed with Vetcare Inc. said his office has seen an increase of pet allergies in last couple of weeks.

Symptoms include hair loss, itchy skin, and red eyes.

Dr. Reed said compared to human allergies, dogs and cats can be just an uncomfortable.

"They are itching almost 24 hours a day," Dr. Reed said. "You know they are very uncomfortable, and they're not where they can go and get an antihistamine and try to get some relief like a person can."

Dr. Reed said if the allergies aren't under control, the animal can develop a secondary skin infection.

Bathing your dog or cat can help with some allergy problems, but if allergies become severe, Dr. Reed suggests visiting a vets office.

Dr. Reed said allergy problems can last until late fall, so it will not be uncommon for a dog or cat to develop problems later this year.

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