Jonesboro mayor responds to request for LGBT protection resolution

Jonesboro mayor responds to request for LGBT protection resolution

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Administration for the City of Jonesboro responded to requests by a group of citizens for a resolution declaring acceptance and discrimination protection of the LGBT community.

Two weeks ago, multiple Jonesboro citizens requested the city council pass a resolution that would not allow discrimination in the hiring, promotion, termination or any other aspect of employment of city workers based on gender identity or sexual orientation. The group also requested the city council declare the city as LGBT-Friendly.

At Tuesday night's regularly scheduled council meeting, Mayor Harold Perrin stated that the city does not allow discrimination in daily operation against any employees.

"The City of Jonesboro is an Equal Opportunity Employer," Mayor Perrin said. "The federal government requires it and we require it."

Mayor Perrin read from the city's employee handbook, "it is the continuing policy of the City of Jonesboro to ensure equal employment opportunities in all personnel actions taken."

However, Mayor Perrin said the administration for the City of Jonesboro reviewed the matter and feel at this time, it is not necessary to add "any other explicitly defined protected classes" to the city's employee handbook.

"Let me be very clear," Perrin said. "We are following and will continue to follow all federal and state laws in our hiring, promotion and employment practices."

Perrin said if any changes to the employee handbook are deemed necessary, the council will have to approve them.

Following Perrin's statement, Ryan Carter, spokesperson for End Discrimination in Jonesboro, spoke briefly.

"I don't think that the city of Jonesboro discriminates but I do think that these need to be protected on paper," Carter said.

Carter was the only person in attendance to speak on the issue.

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