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Trek recall a reminder to check on your bike


With more people spending time outside and on their bicycles, making sure it is ready for the streets is on some cyclists' minds.

The bike company Trek issued a recall on bikes with a quick release lever, which could interfere with the disk brakes. This covers almost 1 million bikes from both the United States and Canada.

Jason Broadaway, the general manager at the Gearhead Cycle House, said this recall should not worry people. Out of the 1 million bikes, only 3 reports came in of people injured due to the problem.

Even though there were only 3 reports, one of those accidents left a rider paralyzed. Broadaway said it is important to make sure your bike is ready to ride after being stored for the winter.

He said a simple check of the bike to make sure tires are at a good air pressure and the brakes are working is a good start before you ride. If you do discover an issue, he advised people not to work on it themselves.

“I don't see as many injuries but I see a lot of damaged bike parts from shade tree wrenchings,” Broadaway said. “So if you are a skilled bike mechanic, that's great, work on your own stuff. It's just like anything else. If you are not a plumber, you probably shouldn't work on your own pipes. Bikes are something that is best left to professionals.”

Broadaway continued to say if a bike was in working condition when it was stored, odds are it will be fine when pulled back out again.

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