Helicopter helps students learn about emergency response

Helicopter helps students learn about emergency response

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - Paramedic students received hands-on training to help them prepare for emergency situations Wednesday afternoon.

Students at Black River Technical College got to experience what it's like when a helicopter must arrive and airlift a critical patient.

Joe Chappell, EMS Program Director, said they set up the simulation with Air Evac Lifeteam. Students were involved in a mock car accident where they had to treat the patient and then get the body in the helicopter safely.

Chappell said this type of experience is vital to students to being able to handle an accident later in their careers.

"Some of our students that work like in the city, in the city you are close to hospitals so you don't involve helicopters and things like that a lot," Chappell said. "So when they come out to the rural areas, they need the extra practice."

After the simulation, students and instructors went over the scenario and discussed what could have been done better.

Chappell said they arrange simulations often, but it's not every week they are able to use a real helicopter.

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