Be aware of sun exposure, precaution tips

Be aware of sun exposure, precaution tips

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Skin cancer isn't uncommon here in Region 8 due to the amount of time people spend outside here, especially the farmers, according to a local dermatologist.

With the amount of time we are outside Dr. Sills of Sills Dermatology said it is important we are protecting our skin and there are several ways we can other than just wearing sunscreen.

You can cover up better while outdoors, Sills said, like wearing sunglasses and hats. It is possible to add more sun protection to clothing using special laundry detergents since the suns rays can shine through the cloth and still cause damage.

Sills said it is especially important for kids and teenagers to protect themselves due to the amount of time they spend outside."People get a majority of their sun exposure, their UV damage before the age of 18," Sills said.

It is important to check your skin often for irregularities and changes, according to the doctor.

For more information on how to check your skin and what to look for you can find it at The Skin Cancer Foundation,


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