Police: Man raped woman to collect her husband's debt

Police: Man raped woman to collect her husband's debt

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 man is charged with rape after police said he sexually assaulted a woman to collect a debt.

Jimmy Lee Dye, 31, of Trumann is charged with rape, aggravated assault and terroristic threatening, according to the Trumann Police Department.

The assault is alleged to have occurred Monday night at an apartment in the 500-block of Cash Street in Trumann.

According to the initial incident report, the victim was attending a party for Dye's mother when he told her he needed to speak with her about her husband, who is in prison.

The victim told police her husband and Dye were in the Aryan Brotherhood together and she considered him "family."

The two went into a nearby apartment where Dye reportedly told the woman her husband owed him money and if she didn't perform sexual favors on him to satisfy the debt, Dye would have her husband's throat cut in prison.

When she told Dye that was "not okay," the victim said he forced her into a bedroom, shoved her onto the bed and began to pull her clothes off.

According to the report, Dye "used his weight to hold her down" while he raped her.

Witnesses later told police they heard a woman "scream and cry for about 10 minutes" before they saw the woman run out of the apartment.

"A short time later Jimmy Dye came out of the apartment adjusting his pants with no shirt on and he was all sweaty," a witness told police.

The victim was taken to a Jonesboro hospital to be examined and have a rape kit started, the report stated.

Officers later arrested Dye at a home on Diamant Street and took him to the Trumann Police Department for booking.

After he was booked, Dye was allowed to make a phone call.

The arresting officer stated in his report he overheard Dye saying the victim's husband owed him $1,600 and he viewed what he did as collecting or satisfying his debt. He said Dye then began to cry.

Dye is being held in lieu of a $125,000 cash-only bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for May 27.

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