Farmers bogged down by rain

Farmers bogged down by rain

CROSS COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The past few months here in Region 8 have brought a lot of rain.

Conditions have gone from moderate drought to high rainfall amounts for the area.

While it is good to be out of the drought, the high amount of rainfall is slowing down farmers now that it is time to plant.

Not all area farmers are having the issue with planting season though.

Farmers that have land on sandier soil are doing better and have been able to start planting.

Those areas with sandier soil are the areas like Crowley's Ridge, but the deltas have soil with more clay in it and that means the soil holds more water.

Will Nicholson is a farmer in Cross County and farms off in the delta.

"We are way behind this year, we've been trying to plant rice," Nicholson said. "Every time we get our field dry enough we'll get a pop-up shower, and that will rain us out of the field before we can get to planting."

Nicholson said he checks his land every day in hopes he can get out and start planting, but with more rain in the forecast it may keep him pushed back even further.

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