Archaeological investigator called after remains found

Archaeological investigator called after remains found

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - An archaeological expert was called in by investigators after remains were discovered in Lawrence County.

On Wednesday, Ravenden Police Chief Tim McComas was contacted by a local fisherman about the remains, according to the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department.

The human skeletal remains were found in a remote area on the Spring River.

Officials with the sheriff's department, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Arkansas State Parks surveyed the scene.

They determined the remains were that of a person of Native American decent, the sheriff's department stated.

Dr. Juliet Morrow with the Arkansas Archaeological Survey contacted and told investigators how to handle the scene.

Since the remains were in danger of being washed away by the river, they were collected and turned over to Morrow, according to the sheriff's department news release.

Sergeant Jamie White, Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, said they aren't releasing the location because they worry some may take advantage of what's left at the site.

"I'm not sure of the historical value, you know, at this time, but it could be an individual grave site or it could be an entire burial ground," White said.

Morrow is expected to return to the site to explore further.

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