West End community cleans up neighborhood

West End community cleans up neighborhood

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The West End Neighborhood Association held their annual clean up event Saturday to help people get rid of their unwanted items.

During the morning, trucks and cars came in with loads of tires, old furniture and old electronics to dump them in the trash receptacle the association had.

The Chairman of the Board for the association, Mary Ellen Warner, said they just want to help people in their community in order to keep it clean.

"Our goal is to clean up the neighborhood and assist the members of the neighborhood if they can't clean up, you know bring their garbage and waste to the site that we've offered to help them," Warner said. "Also with the great of the city with their boom truck to load it up and get it to the landfill."

The city helped the group by offering a dump truck and a boom truck to lift the garbage into the dumpster.

Warner said they collected about 155 tires and had 65 different loads of garbage.

About 30 people participate in their event.

She said they do keep some of the salvageable items to place in a garage sale to raise money for the Micro Society Magnate School and some of their projects.

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