Officers inspect car seats for safety

Officers inspect car seats for safety

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Police officers from various departments helped Jonesboro parents check their car seats to ensure they were safe.

A line of cars stretched out of the ASU baseball field parking lot, where the event was held, waiting to get an inspection.

Officers inspected the car seats, checking for any indication it was in a wreck or broken in some way.

If the seat was unsafe, officers provided them with a new seat.

Corporal Traci Simpson with the University Police Department said the seats were free but they were taking donations to be sent back to Dimensions, the group who supplied the seats.

Simpson advised that people be aware of the seat they are buying for their children and to know what the seat's history was.

"Don't ever buy your child's seat at yard sale or at a flea market because you don't know the history of that child seat," Simpson said. "Also people hand down child seats, unless you know the history of that child seat, don't do it. This is your child you're trying to protect."

Some people waited anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to have their seat inspected by an officer.

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