Region 8 superheroes fight cancer with 5K

Region 8 superheroes fight cancer with 5K

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Batman, alias Braxton Hogland, could not fight leukemia alone so Saturday morning he called for backup.

More than 140 of the five year old's closest superhero friends showed up to fight cancer, one 5K race at a time.

Soup-er Man, Wonder Woman, the Flash, the Hulk and even other Batmen ran and walked for Braxton.

Braxton was diagnosed with leukemia a little more than a year ago.

His parents said he has fought it like a true superhero every day since and Saturday was no exception.

"It's amazing," Braxton's dad Chuck Hogland said. "He's clapping and cheering, just playing around with the kids. He's doing very well. His counts are good enough where he can be out and about today."

"It's so touching," Braxton's mom Kerry Hogland said. "It just feels so good to know that we have such a great community and such great friends and family that are just here to help us through this and support us and care so much about him."

They said Braxton's leukemia is in the maintenance phase.

He will continue going to Little Rock once a month for chemotherapy until July 2017.

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