Visual Arts League honored at art event

Visual Arts League honored at art event

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro artists gathered together Sunday afternoon to honor some of the founders of the Northeast Arkansas Visual Arts League.

The honorees age ranged from 80 to 100 years old.

The artists showed off their creations to others in NEAVAL and those attending the event.

Jean Gipson was one of the founders who was honored.

She said she began to draw trees when she was a child.

As she got older she honed her craft more and more.

Gipson explained it was a while before she fully devoted herself to her craft.

She said fear got in the way.

"I always wanted to paint but I was kinda afraid to try," Gipson said. "I was timid but then one day I just jumped into it and said oh well I'm gonna try cause this is what I wanted to do."

Another one of the honorees was Mary McMillan.

The 100 year old said she began to paint back in the 1960's.

The Northeast Arkansas Visual Arts League meets every month to learn from other local artists in the area.

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