Recycling efforts improve in Poinsett County

Recycling efforts improve in Poinsett County

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - Communities in Poinsett County are using resources to improve their recycling efforts.

Harrisburg already recycles paper and cardboard, but next week they will begin recycling plastic.

Community members can pick up a blue recycle bag at the Harrisburg City Hall.

Plastic recyclables can be placed in the bags and left on the curb.

The city will pick up the bags and leave another blue bag for the next week.

Harrisburg Mayor Randy Mills said the city is making the effort and putting a large amount of resources into this recycling project.

He said he hopes everyone will join them.

"We realize at the start it's going to be slow, and we're not going to have very much," Mills said. "But hopefully people will buy into this, I'll say, and hopefully they will start recycling."

The effort is a county wide initiative. Poinsett County has mobile recycling trailers for electronics that travel to cities all over the county.

This week the trailers are in Weiner, behind the Rice Festival Building.

The city of Harrisburg recently purchased an E-Trailer that will be a permanent resource in the city.

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