Jackson Co. Humane Society fights overpopulation

Jackson Co. Humane Society fights overpopulation

JACKSON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Jackson County is fighting serious overpopulation of man's best friend.

Especially during the spring time, Jackson County Humane Society workers said they see an influx of pregnant dogs and litters of puppies.

To combat this, the humane society is sponsoring a low-cost spay/neuter program with a local veterinarian.

The program is open to all Jackson County Jackson County, and depending on your pet's circumstances, it could cost $20 to $50 or be maybe even be free, to spay or neuter your dog.  

"There's certainly more to come," said Kristen Smith, the program coordinator and the board of director's vice president. "The only way we can continue to provide this service is to help prevent the problem before it starts, help take care of this before all of these unwanted puppies are born and come to our shelter. It's hard enough for us to get the dogs we have adopted to find good, quality homes for them. As long as we can keep our local population in control, that allows us to focus on the older dogs that we do have here at the shelter already."

The Jackson County Humane Society is currently housing about 50 dogs.

Anyone interested in taking advantage of this spay/neuter program can contact Smith at 870-495-3181.

The humane society is running a concession stand at a local estate sale May 2 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 2005 Eastern Avenue in Newport.

The money raised will help fund the spay/neuter campaign.

Smith said the Jackson County Humane Society is also in the midst of its 2015 capital campaign.

"Last year it cost us about $70,000 to operate the shelter," she said. "That's food, veterinary expenses, just day-to-day care for the animals, minor improvements and maintenance for our facility."

Anyone interested in donating can contact Smith or visit the humane society's Facebook page for more information.

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