Farmers catch a break in the weather

Farmers catch a break in the weather

CROSS COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - This spring has been a very wet one, bringing us a very large amount of rain.

While all of this rain brought us out of a drought it did harm the farming community by leading them to a late planting season.

Within the past week though the farmers in Region 8 have found a break in the weather and now they are out in the fields planting.

Will Nicholson is a farmer in Cross County who mainly grows rice. He started planting Tuesday evening. It was the earliest he could get in the field.

Nicholson said the field still wasn't completely dry and it left him with a few spots that he still had to go over on Wednesday afternoon, but he didn't want to put off planting any longer.

"We, as a farm here, we'd like to be done by now. So we're about a month behind from where we'd like to be and as a state you know we're way behind as a state," Nicholson said.

While he is happy he could get started, Nicholson still has a long way to go with 600 acres left to plant.

Nicholson said he sees a lot of his neighbors out planting as well and with drier weather in the forecast, he hopes to get more planting done.

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