Mosquito season could be worst in recent memory

Mosquito season could be worst in recent memory

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - We're at the beginning of mosquito season, but this year may start off worse than past years.

Tom Royal with Vector Disease Control, Inc. in Jonesboro said the heavy rains earlier this spring have allowed for a lot of shrubbery growth and standing water, which gives places for the bugs to reproduce.

"We're kind of thinking it's going to be a rough season, maybe a little bit rougher than it has been in the past," said Royal.

Royal said you can do a few things around your home, like clearing out clutter from next to the house which would give the mosquitoes a cool place to sit, and try to remove standing water from anywhere in your yard.

While Royal said there is a lot you can do now, he said things will get difficult as the rice fields start to grow and give mosquitoes more room to grow in population.

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