City decides hiring family members is OK

City decides hiring family members is OK

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 city council passed an ordinance allowing the hire of family members.

Lake City City Council approved an ordinance last week allowing for those related to elected officials to be hired for odds and ends jobs.

Elected officials include the mayor, city clerk, and city council members.

Mayor Jon Milligan said this idea stemmed from the fact that small towns aren't what they used to be. He said there just aren't as many handymen available these days.

"Now the world's changed and that don't happen anymore," Milligan said. "So in order to save the taxpayer's money and to spend our money at home, we are limited on who we have to choose from."

This ordinance does not allow for family members of elected officials to be hired as full time employees of the city.

It only allows for small jobs related to maintenance needs. Milligan said they passed an ethics ordinance in November, and they want to be open and honest about their intentions.

Milligan said this is something many small towns may soon face.

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