Some farmers opt out of cotton to grow other crops

Some farmers opt out of cotton to grow other crops

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Some farms in northeast Arkansas where cotton is usually grown won't be planting it this year.

Some farmers in Black Oak and Monette said the market price for cotton is too low right now compared to the cost to grow it.

While they won't be growing cotton this year it doesn't mean they will be sitting on the sideline.

Instead they will be growing different crops including milo, corn, soybeans and even peanuts.

Jamie Strickland with Taylor & Stuckey Inc., a farm supplier in Monette, said he doesn't think it will be a permanent move, but some of the things about this year have surprised him.

"I've never seen peanuts in this area as much as we've got this year," Strickland said. "We've some growers that have never grown any peanuts that are growing several hundred acres."

Strickland said while peanuts aren't too often seen in this area it is actually a great place to grow them.

Strickland said the crop that is replacing cotton the most is soybeans, which is also something that has been seen in neighboring states.

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