L.A. Darling to close another plant in Clay County

L.A. Darling to close another plant in Clay County

CLAY COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - L.A. Darling is closing another plant in Clay County and the community worries it will negatively impact the city.

The L.A. Darling Company announced it will close its store fixture manufacturing plant in Corning on September 30, 2015.

General Manager Jackie Elliott announced the closure on Thursday during a meeting with approximately 100 workers.

“This business decision in no way reflects on the dedication and efforts of our associates in Corning over the last 45 years,” Elliott said.

The news comes two months after L.A. Darling announced it was


Originally slated for closure in on May 15, Elliott told Region 8 News the Piggott plant will close in “late June.” He did not provide a specific date.

With 2 plants closing in Clay County, the communities of Piggott and Corning are worried about the future.

Donna Poe, owner of Donna's Country Kitchen in Piggott, said she can already tell business has slowed down since the news of L.A. Darling's closing.

"It's gonna hurt," Poe said. "I think people will be moving out of town. You already see houses for sale all over the place because people are going to have to go where there's a job. So if people move it's going to hurt my business too."

Poe's feelings are similar to many of those in Corning.

"Well it did supply a lot of jobs," Carl Hollowell said.

"I'd be scared to death not knowing what to do," Travis Wilcut said.

Wilcut and Hollowell said they both know people who work at the L.A. Darling plant in Corning.

Wilcut said he feels for those families that are now forced to find other work.

Courtney Keck's father has worked for L.A. Darling in Corning for 25 years.

She said her family has been in shock since finding out Thursday night.

"It's heartbreaking because we don't want to have to see him travel out of town, and you know, we get to spend a lot of time with him, and we don't want to have him to have something different," Keck's said with tears in her eyes.

Keck said she knows they will figure this all out, but it's a difficult time.

Patrons of Piggott and Corning agreed the closing of both plants could have a large affect on the communities.

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