May 3, 2014: Mass shootings remembered

May 3, 2014: Mass shootings remembered
Hayde's husband, Crisantos Islas
Hayde's husband, Crisantos Islas

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Sunday marks one year since a deadly shooting in East Jonesboro.

On May 3, 2014, Porfirio Hernandez shot and killed 4 people, including himself.

Four others were also injured.

Medical documents show Hernandez was suffering from depression and recently released from a hospital.

Hayde Davila and her son, Brian, are two of the people who were shot that day.

She said they are lucky to be alive.

Two of her family members were not as fortunate.

Her daughter Flora Davila and her husband Crisantos Islas were both killed.

Davila said that even after a year, she still remembers the tragedy vividly.

When Hernandez entered her home that afternoon, Davila said he told her his plans.

"I am going to kill you because I am going to Mexico," Davila remembers Hernandez saying.

Because they were friends, she didn't take his threat seriously.

"I didn't believe him," Davila said. "I thought it was a joke. When I looked at my reflection, I saw him shoot me."

That's when Davila ran into her daughter's room to check on her, but in her state of shock she thought her kids were at school on that Saturday.

Davila was bleeding badly from her face so she called for help, unaware that her two sons and daughter were in the backyard with the shooter.

"I called 911, but they did not understand me," Davila said. "I asked my neighbor for help. I don't remember anything after that."

Meanwhile, her then fourth grade son saw what happened to his younger brother, Angel.

"He shot him in the head," Davila said. "My son saw how he shot him."

In her panicked attempt to find help, Davila didn't notice that her husband was already dead in the driveway; shot by someone he called a friend.

"We all miss him," Davila said about her husband. "Our lives changed in 7 minutes."

Now, a year has passed and she said she hopes God can forgive Hernandez.

Davila said her family was united and always kept to themselves.

"Right now, my son misses his brother, sister and father very much," she said. "We both have supported each other and we have supported our younger son a lot."

Angel loved riding horses.

The shot to his head damaged his sight and paralyzed him.

"He has had many operations," Davila said. "But thanks to God and the prayers of many people, he will continue to keep getting better."

When asked what she would miss most about her daughter, Davila simply replied, "everything."

"She was the best daughter in the world," she remembered. "She cooked, she knit, and she sewed. She was a good student."

Davila said she always tries to remember the good times while continuing to live in a place that so easily reminds her of the tragedy.

"Honestly, we were very happy here," she said. "There are very happy moments and I don't regret to still keep living in our home."

Davila was shot in the face and had to have reconstructive surgery on her jaw.

Now, she has trouble both speaking and moving around normally.

"Half of my body I don't move very well," Davila said. "As you can see, I can barely start speaking correctly, but with my faith in God I have been able to keep going."

A friend invited her to help clean houses, something she is thankful for because it means she can still provide for her family.

"I may not do a whole lot and I may not be able to work a lot and that helps me to say, 'I need to move forward. Don't let yourself down.'"

Davila said she treated this weekend like any other weekend, by going to visit her son at the Children's Hospital in Little Rock.

As for when he fully recovers, Davila knows he will want to ride a horse again, as soon as he can.

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