Snakes make a return with warmer temperatures

Snakes make a return with warmer temperatures

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - With warmer weather now moved back into Region 8, a lot of people are getting out and enjoying the sunshine, but we aren't the only ones wondering back out.

Snakes have made a return too and it is important you know where the areas they commonly occupy.

Some of the most important areas to look out for are the areas where you may take kids and pets with you for a day at the park.

Superintendent at Lake Frierson State Park Justin Huss said it's important to pay attention to your surroundings this time of year.

"Well especially this time of year, they're going to orient towards rock areas, boat ramps, boat launches that are concrete, they could certainly be getting some warmth there laid out," Huss said.  "You just want to be alert and look on the ground as you're walking up to places."

With a lot of people in Region 8 getting out and enjoying parks in the area, Huss said it is important for those with children and pets to pay close attention.

If you will be on any of the trails, try to stay in the middle of it so you have a clear view and it is a place where snakes typically not sit.

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