Coach Austin's kids keep his legacy alive

Coach Austin's kids keep his legacy alive

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - In February, a beloved Region 8 coach died in a car accident, and now his kids are hoping to continue his legacy by taking part in what he loved.

Jim Austin was a long time coach at Delaplaine and continued to coach kids in track and field up until his recent death.

Hid kids are now stepping in to help those athletes succeed. Blaine and Kippi Austin visited with kids from 4 different schools in Hoxie on Saturday.

They helped the student athletes train for pole vaulting, the long jump, and track.

Coach Austin was training these athletes before the accident.

His son, Blaine Austin, said the families asked him if he could help with some last minute training before state competitions next week.

Austin said doing this helps keep his dad's legacy alive.

"Oh yea, they are telling me little tips and things that Dad told them that he told me back when I was vaulting in high school and college," Austin said. "So it's a really neat thing to see, and they know some of the terminology that he only used. They know it. So it's a pretty neat thing."

Austin said coaching and talking about the great things his father did has helped the family heal.

He said he can in no way fill his father's coaching shoes but hopes he can help.

Austin said he's already been asked by the Hoxie football coach to come back next Spring to help before the track and field season begins.

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