Jonesboro Animal Control investigates suspect soliciting 'bait dogs' online

Jonesboro Animal Control investigates suspect soliciting 'bait dogs' online

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro Animal Control is currently investigating a young man who allegedly solicited "bait dogs" online.

Officer Mike Owens said the male suspect they posted a photo of on the Jonesboro Animal Control

is in central Arkansas.

Owens also said he is a threat to northeast Arkansas after asking people for "bait dogs" through Facebook.

"They don't want a dog that's really aggressive so they would take dogs like poodles or schnauzers," he said. "Dogs smaller than his so there would be no way his dog could get hurt. It would give that dog a sense of killing and he would keep moving up to bigger dogs."

Owens has not received any reports of people giving dogs to the male suspect.

The name of the suspect has not been released. If you have any information about him, call police at 870-935-3920.

It is a felony to train and/or fight dogs and Owens said it happens more than you think.

"It's not a big problem, but we don't hear about this a lot," Owens said. "Because if they're out in the county or something like that, nobody knows what's going on. They'll be out there and get those dogs ready to go and they may go to any other state to fight them."

He said Jonesboro Animal Control needs the community's help. 

"If you're driving around in the country and you see someone with a small, fenced-in area and it's not that tall, that's about the size they use to train these dogs and fight them," Owens said.

Owens said many people also turn to Facebook with good intention for dogs: to find a forever home. But he said that comes with a warning, too.

"People will post on Facebook that they're moving and can't take their dog and someone will reply to it," he said. "Just be cautious about that because you don't know who's taking that dog or what they're using it for. I would rather someone surrender a dog to us so we could give it a good home."

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