Demolition for Newport amphitheater park begins

Demolition for Newport amphitheater park begins

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - Demolition for a new amphitheater and park in Newport began Saturday and will continue for 2 months.

The Newport Economic Development Commission spent the past 2 years working on plans for this new park for the community.

It will feature an amphitheater and a military memorial wall.

The buildings being torn down were purchased by the Newport EDC and they tried to obtain grants to refurbish the buildings. Jon Chadwell, the Executive Director, said they were unable to get the money to do this.

Chadwell said they didn't want to just destroy the buildings.

They have plans to reuse some of the materials from these buildings in their new project.

"Demolition will probably take about 2 months," Chadwell said. "We're tearing portions of the buildings down and then prisoners are going to come and help sort brick and palletize it so we can turn around and use it in the park to kinda keep that tie to the historic character of the area. After that's done, then we will begin construction."

Chadwell said they already have partnerships with different groups to bring events to the new park.

ASU Newport has agreed to show movies in the park during the summer and 2 different radio groups agreed to hold concerts there as well.

The Newport Economic Development Commission said the park should be done with construction by next year.

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