Newport police receive body cameras

Newport police receive body cameras

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - The Newport Police Department recently received about 15 body cameras and plans to have them out with patrol officers soon.

Police Chief Michael Scudder said he is very excited to have the new equipment in their possession.

There are still a few policies the department needs to review before they can send them out in public.

Scudder said they spent the last week practicing with them and learning about them.

On Monday night, they presented them to the Newport City Council.

Scudder said these cameras will help them in many different ways. Some of them being holding his officers accountable and training.

"It's gonna help more with the training of an officer than anything cause we can review how he is managing the public when he makes a traffic stop and we can correct problems that we see and make sure he is going by policy," Scudder said.

He said the cameras should be out with officers in 2 weeks.

The only officers who will have one assigned to them will be patrol officers.

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