New courthouse in the plans for Mississippi County

New courthouse in the plans for Mississippi County

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A new multi-million dollar courthouse is in the works for Mississippi County, but there's a lot to accomplish before a groundbreaking can take place.

Mississippi County is a dual county seat, meaning they have a courthouse in Blytheville and Osceola.

Each courthouse is more than 100 years old.

Justice of the Peace for Mississippi County Michael White said it's getting too expensive to maintain the facilities.

White is leading committee working to form a plan to build 1 brand new courthouse.

They've hired an architect to create a facility that gives them everything they need and want.

White said once a plan is finalized, they will then take it to the public.

"Would be an educational process where we educate the people about what we want, where it's going to be, why it's gonna be," White said. "Why do we need this, and present our case to the people."

Once they educate the public, it will go to a vote.

First, they may consider a vote to combine the county seats and then to vote on the cost of this new courthouse.

They hope to spend no more than $10 million.

White said there are many different options for how to pay for this, including a tax, but there are also grants and personal donations.

White said it's all very preliminary but an absolute need to properly serve Mississippi County.

The project is long term. White said he hopes the county will vote on the plan no later than the November 2016 election.