Grill valued at $4500 stolen from church

Grill valued at $4500 stolen from church

Needham, AR - Officials from the Needham Baptist Church were shocked to find one of their grills was stolen sometime Saturday night.

The grill was estimated to cost about $4,500 and was not an ordinary backyard grill.

Ryan Russell, the worship pastor for the church, said this grill was a rotisserie grill used to cook for large amounts of people.

He said they noticed the missing grill Sunday morning, but thought another member of the church may have taken it.

When they realized this wasn't the case, they filed a report with the Craighead County Sheriff's Department.

Russell said this grill and another was used in a Valentine's Day celebration and had been by the church for a few months.

During his many years at the church, he has never seen something stolen from them.

"That I can remember, I can never that I know of never had anything stolen here at the church," Russell said. "As far as the church's reaction, it's not going to be good."

Russell said he and the church hope the grill will be returned to them.

He even said he would cook something on the grill for the person who took it if they just brought it back. If not, they plan to purchase another for their celebrations.

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