Business owner returns laptop stolen from Jonesboro High School

Business owner returns laptop stolen from Jonesboro High School

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A laptop that had apparently been stolen from Jonesboro High School was turned over to police Thursday.

A small business owner walked into the school around 2 p.m. carrying a Macbook Air laptop.

The man told a school resource officer a customer had brought the computer in and said that someone had given it to him to pay off a debt. He asked this business owner to clear out the computer.

But when he got into the computer, the man saw that some of the software linked to Jonesboro High School, so he brought it to the school.

The JHS information technology person confirmed the laptop was stolen from a cart in a classroom, but it was not one of the 5 computers reported stolen 2 days prior.

The computer had minor damage from the back being taken off and some of the screws were stripped out.

According to the police report, the software in the computer also showed to be hooked up to a JHS student's phone, but it's unclear if that was done before or after it was stolen.

It's also unknown if the laptop was taken at the same time as the 5 others, or if it was an isolated incident.

The customer who brought the laptop to that business said he traded a pair of Jordan's for it on the Jonesboro and Surrounding Areas Electronics Yard Sale page on Facebook.

He said that he was willing to cooperate with the investigation.

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