Crimestoppers: Victim ripped off again

Crimestoppers: Victim ripped off again

They got her twice.

A Jonesboro woman thought the worst was already behind her, but then, she saw her bank statement.

You may remember the story. A woman who lives on Stroud was working in her yard when a van with several people inside pulled up and offered to help her with her yard work for a couple hundred bucks and some McDonald's. They got her leaf blower and some money and didn't do the work.

Fast forward to the next month's bank statement and she was out another $350.

According to the JPD detective on the case, these two men forged and cashed a check from the victim for $350 at Centennial Bank.

The name on the check was "Demetrius Johnson" and the memo said "yard work". The victim says she never gave them that check.

If you think you can make the ID on either one of these suspects, it could be worth money to you. Call in your tip to Crimestoppers at 935-STOP.

Our warrant watches this week combine for over 50 warrants. That's a load.

Here's Melanie Thigpen. She has a pretty standard list for her 20 warrants. The biggest slice is for contempt of court.

Then, there was Lewis Taylor. 31 warrants for Mr. Taylor. He has them from JPD, Brookland PD and Craighead County.

Want some money? Just turn them in. If you can help police locate Lewis Taylor or Melanie Thigpen, it's worth money. Call in that tip to Crimestoppers at 935-stop.

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