Anonymous Facebook page has community stepping up

Anonymous Facebook page has community stepping up

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - A new Facebook page is encouraging a Region 8 city to volunteer. But who's behind it?

The Walnut Ridge Underground Facebook Page has more than 800 likes, but Mayor Charles Snapp said he doesn't know who's behind it.

The page's "About Section" states "Alternative news, media, and information from Walnut Ridge and the surrounding area." It posts about different things going on around Walnut Ridge.

One of the newest posts encourages the community to volunteer and then nominate others to take part in the Walnut Ridge Underground Community Involvement Event.

Some projects citizens have completed include picking up trash on Main Street and mowing the grass on unoccupied grounds.

Snapp said he's messaged back and forth with the page several times and they want to remain anonymous.

"Whoever it is, they have no intention of coming out and letting it be known who they are," Snapp said. "But the truth be, as long as they are reporting the facts, that's what the general public needs."

Snapp said he supports anything that positively impacts the Walnut Ridge community.

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