Crop dusters say drones can't compete

Crop dusters say drones can't compete

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Drones are becoming a common tool on farms here in Region 8 and now they may show up even more.

A new drone called R-MAX is a helicopter that could take the place of crop dusters, but pilots say they aren't worried about it.

Kevin Carpenter with Quinn Aviation said he supports drones being used on farms if they are used properly, but the new drone that can fertilize crops can't match up to their service on large farms.

Carpenter said this is because the drone can only cover half an acre with material while their planes can cover 80 acres,

Carpenter said while the drones have some catching up to do there are still some other issues as well.

"Who's going to be doing the maintenance on those drones? They're going to have parts too. That guy, can he just change a part? If a guy is flying it anywhere, could it fall on your house. Who's going to be responsible for that particular instance," Carpenter said.

Limited airspace could also become an issue with drones and aircraft sharing the skies, Carpenter said. He said a collision between the two could be deadly.

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