Student graduates without missing a day of school in 13 years

Student graduates without missing a day of school in 13 years
Matthew Turner

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) - Missing a day of school is common for most students. Adults even miss work regularly, but one Region 8 student decided to achieve what most don't even imagine.

Matthew Turner will graduate from Riverside High School Friday night with perfect attendance.

Turner has attended school at Riverside School District since Kindergarten.

Turner said in 6th grade he realized he hadn't missed a day of school.

That is when he decided to make it his goal to keep the perfect attendance going.

He's officially met his goal after 13 years.

Turner said the hardest day to come to school was senior skip day.

"I knew that all my friends were going to be gone and I was just going to be sitting there so I just really didn't want to come," Turner said. "But I went ahead and pushed myself, you know, because it was my senior year so definitely messing it up then would have kind of hurt a little bit."

Turner said he is proud of himself and hopes to encourage others to take on the challenge.

Turner plans to attend college at the ASU-Newport Jonesboro campus for 2 years, and then go to the main campus in Jonesboro to finish his degree.

He hopes to pursue some kind of career involving computers.

Riverside's graduation is Friday night at 8 p.m. in the Riverside High School Gymnasium.

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