Storm shelter requirements for certification

Storm shelter requirements for certification

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - FEMA released a new set of guidelines to get your storm shelter certified.

Shelters that want to meet the qualifications may need to have some extra work done to them.

The new guidelines include making sure your shelter door has three hinges, it's made out of steel, and making sure the shelter itself has at least 12 inches of dirt over the top.

Shelly Hood is the emergency manager in Greene County and said it is important to do whatever you need to do to meet these qualifications.

"If you need to add just a little bit more dirt or if you need to add an extra hinge on the door," Hood said. "Go the extra mile and prepare yourself."

Hood said going the extra step is important because it could be what saves your life.

To find more information on the FEMA Publication 320 guidelines, you can go to the website here.

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