Trumann teen who tried to break up fight attacked

Trumann teen who tried to break up fight attacked

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - The Trumann School District suspended several students for their roles in a fight at the new high school, according to Superintendent Myra Graham.

Graham told Region 8 News that 2 girls got into a fight on Tuesday, May 5, after a PARCC test.

When a boy tried to break up the fight, he and another boy got into a second fight, which led to chaos in the hallway.

Several students have already been reprimanded, according to Graham.

Trumann Police Chief Chad Henson confirmed that there was a fight but said the school handled the incident internally and no charges were filed.

Trumann High School Principal Joshua Shepherd released the following statement.

"School staff members and students helped stop the fight, and the students involved were disciplined," the statement read. "Classes resumed as usual for the rest of the day. Student safety is our top priority here at Trumann High School."

The mom of one of the girls involved said she warned school administrators last week that this would happen. She said the school did help but not long enough.

"I told the school that it was gonna happen, they walked her to class Monday... Tuesday, the fight happened," the mom said.

Region 8 News has made an editorial decision to not name the mom or daughter.

"She's just, I guess tired of it and taking a stand for herself. which I don't blame her," the mom said.

Her daughter, a 9th grader at Trumann High School, told Region 8 News she knew the fight was about to happen.

"Because there was no teachers gonna be around and I heard them coming from behind," the girl said.

Though teachers and students were eventually able to break up the fight, the video still shocked some parents.

"It was scary and my first thought was maybe I need to homeschool my child," Judy Osment said.

Osment said she has no hard feelings against the school district, she just wishes they had more resources.

"You know, they're probably doing what they can do with what they have to work with," Osment said.

Other parents agreed that it will be a community effort to keep this from ever happening again.

"They need to do something to fix problems like this before someone really gets hurt," Jennifer Milligan-Smith said.

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