Highway 67 interchange to be completed by next year

Highway 67 interchange to be completed by next year

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - Looking toward the project for the Highway 67 at Hoxie it doesn't look like there has been much improvement.

However, Resident Engineer of the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department Shannon Luke said a lot of work has been done.

Luke said the reason people in the area may start seeing more equipment near the Hoxie area is because the project is actually making it's way closer there.

He said they have been working from south to north for the project and over the past year alone they have covered around 5 miles.

"The first 7 miles of the job have been paved, and the remaining two and a half miles there is what you're seeing the activity on," Luke said.

While two and a half miles remain, Luke said the remaining work will take some time and with weather permitting the project should be done by Fall 2016.

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