Jonesboro organization serves 100 homeless people

Jonesboro organization serves 100 homeless people

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro organization served 100 homeless people in Region 8 Saturday at North Pointe Church of Christ.

North Jonesboro Neighborhood Initiative's quality of life committee gave those in need a home-cooked meal, shopping experience, health screenings and more, all free of charge. The organization also gave away a television, slow cooker and other prizes to some lucky winners.

Volunteers then drove the people in need back to Jonesboro, Lake City, Bono and Paragould with their hands full.

"It gave us hope in new things," said Valarie Jade Beck, a 22-year-old homeless woman. "It shows us the community is really out to help. Even though there's some that are hurtful with words, there are others here to pick us up. It's been a really good day."

"I'm only 19 so it's hard being a fresh adult and trying to figure out where to go, what to do," said Ashia Daniels, a homeless woman. "Basically all of my money goes to trying to get out of the mission. It's really hard to get what I need on a daily basis so events like this gives us hope."

"If we're good Christians, we have to take good care of those who are worse off than ourselves," said Charlene Johnson, the homeless benefit co-coordinator. "There's ignorance where the homeless are concerned. There's an assumption that if you're homeless, you must have done something wrong. It's, 'Why should I spend my heard-earned money on a bum?' I've heard this and it just hurts my heart that we as a Christian community have such a hard-hearted attitude about those who are less fortunate than ourselves."

The volunteers who made this event possible were also from all over Region 8, from Paragould to Weiner to Jonesboro. 

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